SAP FI/CO Modules Course Outline


We are currently offering SAP FI/CO Modules Training. This is a two month intensive course where you will learn FI/CO modules. We provide hands on functional configuration training that helps students perform their jobs efficiently.Our teachers are experience FI/CO consultants who have teaching as well as practical implementation experience with Big 4 companies.


Course outline

1.  Organizational Structure

o    Client

o    Company Code

o    Credit Control Area

o    Sales Organization

o    Purchasing Organization

o    Controlling Area

2. General Ledger Configuration

o    Company code

o    Chart of accounts

o    Account Groups

o    Posting Period Variant; Open & Close Posting periods

o    Field Status Variant

o    Concept of Document Types and Number Ranges

o    Creating General Ledger Accounts

o    Posting Into General Ledger Accounts

3. Accounts Receivable Configuration

o    Customer Groups

o    Creating Customers

o    Tolerance Groups

o    Concept of Customer Reconciliation Account

o    Document Types and Number Ranges

o    Posting into A/R

o    Clearing Incoming and Outgoing Payments

o    Concept of Residual Items and Partial Payments

o    Purpose of Alternative Reconciliation Account

o    Lockbox Configuration For Incoming Payments

4. Credit Management

o    Credit Master Record

o    Risk Categories

o    Comprehensive Credit Management Configuration

o    Creating Credit Profiles

o    How The Credit Is Managed

o    Reason Codes For Disputed Items.

o    Configuration Of Down Payment

o    Configuration of Disputed Items




5. Accounts Payable

o    Creating Vendors

o    Tolerance Groups

o    Document Types and Number Ranges

o    Posting Into Vendors

o    Defining House Banks

o    Maintaining Checks

o    Out-going Payments:

o    Automatic Payment Program

6. Integration FI-SD

o    Creation of Sales Order

o    Testing of Credit management

o    Concept of Picking, Delivery, and Billing

7. Integration FI-MM

o    Creation of purchase Order, Goods Receipt and Invoice (GR/IR) Verification

8. Document Splitting

o    Purpose and Configuration of Document Splitting Functionality

9. Project Life Cycle

o    Concept of Designing Phase, Sandbox, Development, Testing and  Production, Go Live

10. Controlling

o    Controlling Area

o    Cost Center Hierarchy

o    Cost Center Accounting

o    Profit Center Hierarchy

o    Profit Center Accounting

o    COPA

o    Generating Controlling Reports

11. Interview Preparation

o    Resume Writing Workshop

o    Placement Assistance