QA Training

Software testing is a process which helps to find presence of bugs/defects in a product, defects that will prevent an end user from getting satisfaction when using a product. The Software Testing really plays a major role in the software development life cycle to recognize the difficulties in process very well. 

Software testing is performed to check the quality for the end client and mainly role is bigger than testing since it’s all about giving the input to the final product for the quality. Testers help to provide an independent quality report of the product to stakeholders (project manager, development team, clients). The good quality report includes status of features planned to deliver to client, list of defects fixed in the project, major known issues in product and product usability status etc. 

The role of a QA tester

The QA testers are professionals entrusted with this important step at the very beginning of each project. They are generally given all responsibilities for system or product testing and ensuring that everything’s as per stipulated quality standards and stake holder requirements.

Becoming a QA tester

The IT industry is a vast one, and therefore, offers many opportunities for those who wish to join the same. A QA tester or IT engineer is always in demand; even with the constant threat of recession. The IT industry is continuously evolving and QA tester positions are more in number than the software can ever hope to fill. So, redundancy is generally not an issue that’s associated with professionals in the Quality Assurance Testing field. 

A QA tester has the advantage of convenience and can choose to either work onsite for software development or offsite, on the web. All that’s required is a computer with an internet access to get the job done. Innumerable software is being created and developed everyday around the world; and required testing before its debut. 

Furthermore, this high tech job profile also includes hefty pay package – often elusive in other fields of work. Even if you have zero experience, your starting fee should be quite competitive with regards to industry standards. With experience, you will have the chance to double and treble your pay as you keep adding to your skill sets. In fact, if you’re good enough; you could easily dictate the amount you’re paid, for each project.

The QA tester advantage
  • A constantly expanding industry (continuous jobs).
  • Worldwide opportunities (location).
  • Technology based pay (more $ for you and your family).
Responsibilities of a QA Tester
  • Identify project requirements.
  • Prepare and update test case requirements.
  • Update test result document.
  • Ensure compliance to all testing standards.
  • Follow testing protocols.
  • Performance analysis.
Joining Quality Assurance Training / QA Training

The QA training course is ideal for any individual or team new to software testing. It’s also perfect for a novice as well as a seasoned professional looking to expand his/her knowledge or skill base. You don’t have to have any specific qualities to become a successful quality assurance tester. 

Our QA course aims to educate students about everything that makes up the job profile of a QA tester. The objective is to provide a very tangible experience that will prove to be invaluable for those looking to join the field.

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